Friday, January 20, 2017

The Happiness Post

     I believe that happiness is associated with the family. I believe that to be true, because I always have a smile on my face, and when I have family around. It is not a fake smile usually to be kind for you family's sake, because I as a human being I am happy to spend time with my family the other human beings that I care about the most. We are related by blood that is true, but there are families that don't stick with family. They usually don't think about them at all. I ignore that and I am happy to have my family, because they give me the happiness at home by gifting me with the valuable items that I can't afford because I am a minor at the moment so I can't work. I wish I can repay everything that they have given me since I was little. I believe family means everything about happiness an also making them smile or help them find their happiness is my happiness.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Ted Talk Reflection

In the Ted Talk 3 moons and a planet that could have alien life, it had interesting information of the 3 moons and a planet. NASA had to look at the three ingredients of life and that is water, energy, and organic material. The name of the three moons they are looking at is Europa, Titan, and Enceladus. The planet's name is Mars. Mars has all the ingredients to have the life. Enceladus has hydrothermal vents under the ocean that can support life on that moon. In Europa, they had a mission to look if it had liquid, but it did not look for the blooms of water. Titan has a different type of solvent and that solvent is methane.  I thought this was interesting because it talked about the life that is not from earth and that it could be everywhere in the solar system. That in the next 10 years they will have an answer to the question "Is there other life outside of Earth?". I like that it talks about a planet that it has all the right conditions for life to evolve outside of Earth. I have always liked watching things relating to science because it is fascinating to see that there is new stuff waiting to be answered. I like the idea of never finding the right answer to a question that we can't solve. There always new things to see in science that I am curious about. I also watch about life in science.